Brief History of Boards by George Inc.

ForkiftBoards by George Lumber Inc. (BBG) is owned and operated by George Brinkman of Meadow Creek, B.C. It was started in 1980 with the purchase of a gas powered mobile dimension sawmill from Mobile Manufacturing in Eugene, Oregon.

Since then it has gone from a one man operation to a thriving little mill offering full time employment to 8 local residents, with several forklifts and loaders moving logs, timbers and lumber stock around the yard efficiently.

In 1993, BBG installed 3-Phase power, and we have recently done a power upgrade to the mill to keep up with our annual growth.  An electric mobile dimension sawmill replaced the gas powered mill, and two planers and a T&G molder have also been added.  We have a Nyle dehumidifier on site which enables us to bring specialty lumber cuts down to a 12 - 15%  range in moisture content upon request.

Our planers allow us to surface all four sides (S4S) of our lumber and timbers as well as manufacture flooring, tongue and groove paneling and ceiling decking. Our head rig saw was put in place in 1997 to re-mill timbers and utilize smaller logs and our Duncan Ironworks mill can handle the oversize logs nicely.  And when a log is too big for the Duncan we send it over to the “Butt Reducer” which is an innovative horizontal chainsaw that we built to do just that.  

Timberframe Home Custom Milling

PlanerBBG cuts high quality custom timbers for several different timber frame home companies, as well as producing a wide variety of lumber stock and specialty items.  Word of mouth is our main source of advertising, which has meant a lot to us over the past 33 years in operation..