Specialty Items

We love a challenge, and over the years we have been known to source just the right piece of wood you’re looking for and then cut it to your specifications.  We have cut wood for ship masts out of clear sitka spruce, we have sliced oversized logs in to cants for a veneer company, we have cut wood for piano sound boards and airplane wings, we have cut FSC certified plantation teak in to T&G flooring, we have cut timbers 20”x 20”, 40 feet long, we have cut wide slabs for amazing table top applications measuring 4”x 36” @ 16’… the list goes on and on. 

But since our focus will be to process our inventory over the next year (2014-2015) we're steering away from custom cutting and instead looking forward to discovering what gems we have hiding in the dry shed.  We'll be posting our findings as they appear, so stay tuned.

Want to see an example? See our FSC Certified Teak Slideshow