Dimensional Lumber

While our niche market is cutting timbers for timber frame home builders, and in the process of cutting timbers we produce A LOT of side lumber.  The timbers are cut on the head saw or the Duncan Ironworks and then the side lumber is moved to the edger where it is roughly sized and sorted.  We typically produce thicknesses of  1 and 2 inch with widths from 2 inches and up (ie: 2x2 / 2x4 / 2x6 / 2x8 / 2x20 / 2x12) Since we will be focusing on moving inventory over this next year (2014-2015) the lengths will be random 8 / 10 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 feet. We sort lumber in to five basic grades of lumber: utility / construction / select tight knot / flat grain clear / edge grain clear.  Our lumber can be either full rough sawn or planed to nominal sizes (1/2 inch under the full rough sawn size)